Wellness & Wings Wednesday


Everybody deserves at least one day a week to take the proper care of yourself! Here at Amaria Villas, this day is Wednesday & for all the ladies at the Wellness zone: the champagne is on us 🙂

Resort Day Pass: $100 MXN

Right below you’ll find the self-care services available:

Buffalo Wings

Nobody likes to wait on a boring waiting room! Now, sit by the Siren’s Bar & Restaurant licking fingers after eating our delicious chicken wings with parmesan, barbecue or fire pineapple habanero salse, is much more fun!!

If you’re looking for a transportation to come, Jany The Driver is our best recommendation to pick you up and drop you off:

+52 322 303 8436

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions:

+US 972 352 7620

+MX 322 2796 722