Amaria Villas Daily Tickets

Includes open bar and food

Tuesday             12pm-7pm / 1200mxn

 Mens Day – (Separate Checkout)

Wednesday        12pm-7pm / 1000mxn

Pizza, Paint, and Wine

Thursday            12pm-7pm / 1000mxn

Mystic Thursday – Revolving Vegetarian Menu

Friday                  12pm-7pm / 1000mxn

Southern Charm – Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken

Saturday             12pm-7pm / 1000mxn

Fiesta Sabado

Sunday                 3pm-12am / 1000mxn

Savage Sunday -(Separate Checkout)


*Transportation can be provided for parties of 4 or more
WhatsApp +01 972-352-7620 US/ 322-279-4546 MX