Goddess Retreat

Amaria Villas is looking forward to having you as a part of our family. The triad that has been adopted by this sacred land realized quickly that they were a part of something strong. Puerto Vallarta is well known for its beauty and natural landscape. We are surrounded by rivers, mountains, spectacular sunrises, and breathtaking sunsets
Please bring what you need to fully experience this special energy. Bring your drums, paint brushes, and anything that helps you create. We are excited to be embarking on this adventure with you and are grateful for these traditions to be offered to our community in a setting where we can feel comfortable being our natural selves.

Day 1 – Meet your Sisters Drum and Dance Circle

Welcome Home

Arrive at Amaria Villas and get nestled in. Unpack, meet your sisters, have some coffee, tea, snacks, pastries, and socialize

  • Check in
  • Pick up Keys
  • Pick up Maps, Journals, Guidelines, and Program Schedule


We will end the day with a drum and fire circle to start off the energy work of the week. We will have extra drums but you are welcome to bring your own or other instruments for some sacred charging in addition to fire poi and toys at your own risks. Light background tempo music will be provided but you are encouraged to lead the music with your intuition.


Day 2 – Earth Day


Temazcale Ceremony at Terra Noble:

This pre-Hispanic sweat lodge originated with indigenous people in Mesoamerica and can be found all over Mexico, most notably in the sanctuary of Terra Noble

Temazcales were used in pre-Hispanic times: many vestiges of ancient sweat lodges have been found within ceremonial centers, and interestingly, frequently associated with ball courts. The construction was similar to that of palaces and temples, and their size, in comparison with modern examples, shows that they were buildings of great importance. Temazcales represented a place of transition, similar to a cave or womb – a symbolic passage between the heavens and the underworld. They were used for both ritual and medical practices by priests, warriors, and players of the Mesoamerican ball game.

We will continue with earth invocations upon return to Amaria Villas with some activities meant to ground into the canvas of earth through which all activities of life are experienced as we strengthen the element of Earth. 


Day 3 – Air Day


We begin the day with Canopy River Tours. To pay homage to the air we will take ATV tours over one of the worlds largest suspension bridges over the Cuale River. We will also be zip-line across multiple trails. 


We will continue with air invocations upon return to Amaria Villas with some activities meant to unleash the sacred powers of breath and sound in adition to esential oils to release the blessings of Air. 


Day 4 – Water Day


We will take off on a boat early in the morning and will get to snorkel and see amazing rock formations while sipping coffee and eating a light breakfast. We will then get time and equipment to snorkel and to explore a secluded beach where we will perform a group sun salutation that will be clothing optional. We will eat lunch on the boat on the way back to the pier.

We will continue with water invocations upon return to Amaria Villas with some activities meant to unleash the sacred powers of subconscious and emotional energies of the element of Water. 


Day 5 – Fire Day


We will start with fire through a Discovering the Inner Goddess Workshop that focuses on Kundalini and the sacral chakra as a force which used properly can disrupt subconscious patterning to allow for new growth. This is not for the faint of heart. There will be uncomfortable intimacy as we free ourselves from the bondage of our own stigmas and judgements to stimulate our passions and learn the gift of transmutation. 

We will continue with fire invocations upon return to Amaria Villas with some activities meant to unleash the sacred powers of passion as it relates to the element of fire. 

Closing party for the day of fire will be a festival of DJ, fire dancers, and other acrobats as we celebrate the heated light of life. 


Day 6 – Inner Teacher

Day six we will incorporate what we learned into new patterns of self discipline. will be based on chakra balancing using sound bowls and hermetic principles.  We will discuss yoga poses and come to understand how different poses awaken different chakras. 

We will discuss the importance of order for charging and why we traditionally work through three sequences. We will provide handbooks with different poses and you will be asked to create a routine based on selecting flows of poses that awaken the chakras in the order chosen.

We will discuss calling the energies and recognizing when they are needed or when we might benefit. 

We will discuss the inner teacher and what outer teachers can and don’t provide so that we can learn to feel more confident with our abilities. 


Day 7 – Never Say Goodbye



All good things must come to an end. Today will be relaxing and we will help plan any necessary covid testing or transportation needs. We want your feedback on how we can make this place even better as we go. We know that you carry a legacy with you and are happy that you have allowed us a place in your hearts as you carry on the Great Work.


And Remember…. This is never a goodbye but a Till we Meet Again!