Gay Men’s Nude Yoga Elemental Retreat

Refund Policy and FAQs

Refund Policy and FAQs

Refund Policy:

$200 of your purchase goes to a non-refundable deposit. Because I need firm numbers leading up to the retreat your payment becomes non-refundable two months before the retreat (December 20th).


When should I arrive/depart? Our first formal event will be our opening class on Monday February 21st at 6pm but you are also welcome to arrive as early as 4pm that day to settle in. Our final class is Monday, February 28th at 9am and checkout of the resort is at 11am, but you are welcome to book a longer stay at the resort.

Can I stay somewhere else? If the rooms sell out we will consider added participants on a case by case basis, you’ll be required to provide proof of vaccination, undergo a COVID test and have your temperature taken daily like the rest of the group.

What if I can’t stay the whole time? You are welcome to still join us even if you can’t stay the whole time, however no discount is offered for an abbreviated stay.

What is the group like? Dan’s students range in age from 21 to their 80s and are extremely diverse. This is a kind and accepting group no matter your age, race, cultural background, physical fitness or penis size. Anyone creating an unsafe space or culture of exclusion is kindly asked to leave.

What if I don’t know anyone going? Lots of guys come on their own and make amazing friends on the trip. Friends who come together often find it’s an amazing time to bond with one another.

How do we get out there? Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR) is a large, modern airport with incoming flights from all over the Americas. If you are coming from the East Coast or Canada you will likely need to make a connecting flight in the South United States or West Coast. Connections can also be made in Mexico, however getting through customs in Puerto Vallarta is much easier than Mexico City in my personal experience. From the airport you will take a cab to the resort. While we can’t book your flights for you we’re happy to offer additional travel assistance given the international nature of this retreat.

Do I need a Passport and visa? You do need a passport, but Americans and Canadians do not need a visa unless they are planning to stay for longer than 180 days.

What’s the deal with food and drink? The price is all-inclusive and includes three meals a day, snacks and alcohol when at the resort. Drinks and food off site are at your own expense.

Can I drink alcohol? Yes and it is included in the price if drinking at Amaria Villas.

How much yoga are we doing? I’m worried I’ll get worn out. We have classes most mornings and evenings, but they’re not always full fitness practices. Some are restorative, partner and thai massage classes. Also if you need sleep or down time you’re welcome to opt out.

Is it worth the money? YES! Everyone who has come on my retreats has had the time of their life. You’ll come back having not only had a fun week, but also feeling refreshed and energized unlike many other gay vacations that just center around alcohol or partying.