Come Experience the Magic of Amaria


Savage Sunday


DJ Dani Jay Cirque

Open Bar for the day 1000mxn

3:00p to 12:00a

🏊‍♂️ Huge Swimming Pool

😳 25 Foot high-dive 💦

🍸 Enjoy Great food

🎊 A festival you won’t forget



Transportation included if purchased prior to 2pm on the day of the event. Must be reserved in advance with ticket purchase. Select as dropdown from add-on and include the number of people for pickup- pick up at the selected time. Lazaro Cardenas Park at 2pm, and 4pm, and 6pm

WhatsApp US +01-972-352-7620/ MX 322-279-4546

Look for the H2 Hummer with the Amaria Villa Logo


Monday – Closed 

Men’s Day Tuesdays

Mens Only Tuesday

1200mxn : Presale includes transportation and an hour massage

Pick up locations at Lazaro Cardenas Park 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. (with reservation)

1000mxn at the door (massage and transportation not included)

Wieners, Hamburgers, and Hotdogs with French Fries (Vegetarian options) Included

Open Bar 12-7pm

  • Men Only
  • Clothing optional
  • Huge Pool
  • Chill Vibe
  • Exceptional Views
  • Great drinks and food
  • Massage included with presale


Wednesday through Saturday

1000mxn : All Inclusive Entry, Food, and Drinks

300mxn : Daypass (Food and Drinks Seperate)

Open Daily 12:00pm to 7:00pm

  • Huge Pool
  • Exceptional Views
  • Great drinks and food
  • Co-Ed
  • Pick up for parties of 4 or more