Corporate Retreat

Puerto Vallarta is well known for its beauty and natural landscape. We are surrounded by rivers, mountains, spectacular sunrises, and breathtaking sunsets.  
Amaria Villas is a perfect accommodation for corporate retreats. Because we are 20 minutes away from the city, you will be able to use the controlled environment to ensure that team building takes priority. However; we are close enough to offer fun nightly outings to take full advantage of all the night life Puerto Vallarta has to offer. There is no missing out! 
We have a strong relationship with a sister property and are able to provide ample lodging with 15 rooms between two near by locations with many areas for entertaining, team exercises, dinners, and presentations.
Charlie Cole +01-972-352-7620 
Whatsapp Trevor Curtis +52 322-279-4546



  • Seven room onsite lodging
  • Eight rooms nearby with daily transportation
  • Courtyard with colosseum seating
  • Multiple dining areas
  • Three kitchens and two bars




  • 20 meters-long swimming pool
  • Towels
  • Gym
  • Laundry service
  • Full bar with bartender
  • Restaurant with personal chef
  • Transportation assistance
  • Wi-Fi throughout the resort
  • Masseur
  • Spectacular views of the surrounding mountains




  • Entertainers
  • Cirque performers
  • Health and wellness experts
  • Owners trained in BlackBelt and Six Sigma programs
  • Team building activity experts